Saturday, 11 May 2013

Jobs a goodun'

Finished the rest of the warboss. Might at some stage in the future add something more to the obligitory heroic rock, like moss or something, when I can get some materials that would be suitable. But for now he is done. What do you think?

For the gore, I use Tamiya clear red with some added black wash. Works perfectly. Fully recommend it.

Next will probably be my 2 Sternguard who have been very patient so far, considering they are about 80% complete. Also I do need to post my Imperial Fists army squad by squad, so maybe I might get on that for the next post. We shall see.



  1. Awesome! Not only am I impressed by your paintjob, I'm also impressed by the speed of your work. Is the tamiya paint enamel?

    1. Cheers! Yeah I do believe it is enamel. Great stuff though. Love it.