Friday, 10 May 2013

Da Boss Update

There is a very good reason why I like to spend so much time on the leader model, conversion wise. Its because I want to do it justice and makes me more persistent. That was the case with this model.

My converted Warboss on foot, I thought was pretty decent, and I initially wanted to do a mix match of yellow and red armour. I did it, and hated it. Just looked wrong, as in there was no symetry and too many contrasting colours.

So I put it in my shame draw to be forgotten.

But it played on my mind, I couldn't think about anything else. How can a get a scheme to work? I really wanted yellow to be involved, as I'm a big fan of the old Citadel red ogre face and yellow background. That's what I wanted for my battle standard (when I eventually get the awesome ForgeWorld model), so I wanted those colours on there.

I dug it out again a few nights later, and covered all the armour in Leadbelcher metal, and washed it, as that was what the majority of the Orc's looked like in the armies book. Still didn't look right, as there was too much armour.

Again, I dumped it in the shame draw.

Then, when reading the Warhammer Armies: Orcs and Goblins book, I found my inspiration. Its a battle scene of orcs in yellow invading a Dwarf hold (pg 7 if your curious, google images didn't supply). That tipped my scales and finally I got a breakthough. I have made a little bit of progress, only some details and the base really to go (and gore, lots of it!).

'Ere we go...

I think he looks proper stompy.

I have also put some though as to what I want in an army. I tend not to go for the best choices, and let the models convince me, which always happens to be the expensive option.

I decided to have some Arrer boyz, not cos they are good, but as I wanted to use the old Dog's of War unit Rugluds armoured Orcs. Of course one unit of them isn't enough, as I wanted to have at least 20. So off to ebay saw me buy a couple of boxes. So now I have 1 box plus the 7 (and spare command for bits) from the other to make 17 Arrer boyz. I wanted them as they are relatively unique (not very common I think), plus with a little persuading (beer), I might convince my oponents to allow me to pay a little extra for the corssbows in game. That and they are armoured!

My other idea to include was a giant. Of course I had to pick one that was insanely expensive from Battleforge. Only 100 pounds not including postage? Think I might have to save up for awhile for that but such a beautiful model.

Anyways, back to painting.


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