Saturday, 20 April 2013

Hrothmog the unit filler

Greetings once again. Finished another model for your perusal, a unit filler for my miners. No I will start with this, I didn't come up with this idea. I did what all (bad) moddellers do, and that is copy someone else. A while ago, on the GW blog, a fellow by the name of Johnathan Hart had some of his Middenhiem army posted. I couldn't help but notice he had an awesome, old 1985 citadel ogre as a unit filler in the middle ofhis army. I saw it, I wanted it, I got it.

I liked it so much, I just copied his scheme as well. Such was its beauty. Here is the model in question.

Overall I am quite pleased with Hrothmog. When I picked him up off ebay, I got a bunch of other old ogre as well, so he may have some friends to join him. The only thing I was thinking of adding was a celtic knot tattoo on his exposed arm. But I wasn't very confident with such an intricate design on such a small and bumby surface. Maybe I'll come back to it.

Here he is doing what he does best, taking the place of 4 miners.

Now on to some miners!


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