Sunday, 14 April 2013

Painting competitions

Greetings once more, just finished something from my desk. 

The Bugman's Brewery has a monthly painting competition, which centers around a theme. If you win (by popular vote) you get to pick the theme next time, and the entry for this month is gold gold gold. So I had one of these old Citadel adventurers lying around, stuffing a bag full of gold, so thought I might have a go. I like having deadlines to complete models, as it adds that extra incentive, and plus competitions mean I can try new things I normally wouldn't. So here is my entry, let me know what you think.

 I quite liked how he turned out, especially the eyes. To be honest I usually don't bother with the eyes, but of late all the competition entires I have. Most of the time you don't see them (especially with Dwarfs), but with the close ups they get, I figure its worthwhile.

I also painted another model for another forum, The International Brotherhood of Hobbyists. This was an interesting challenge, as it had a 48hr deadline. Its was refreshing to be under the pump, and have that pressure to do a model in that time frame. Here is my entry for that, and old Dragon Slayer by Citadel.

For the blood, I use the Tamiya Clear Red. Works a treat, and I simply add a bit of black to darken the bood. Really great stuff. 

Some close ups of the Dragon eye. Very happy with how that turned out. Wanted to do something a bit more special than the usual. 

These are the only pieces I have done so far, but I am quite proud of them. I'm looking forward to the next competition, and maybe one day I might win one!


Brother Syth


  1. Shoot. I just remembered that you never got your prize for the RUSH competition... I feel so bad now. If you could send me your address via e-mail/PM, I'll sort something out for you! And apologies for forgetting it! :/

    The models look great as usual :) I love that adventurer sculpt, so full of mischief ;)

    1. No problem. I just figured RL got in the way. Will send you a PM over at the IBOH.

      I agree with you with about the sculpt, very nice. I spent a bit mroe time on this one as well, gettign the highlights lighter. Hopefully it can do semi decent, though that forum has a lot of great painters, so it will be good just to be acknowledged!

    2. Still waiting for the PM :)

      Keep us posted about how the model fares in the competition!

    3. Oh, I sent it but maybe it didn't go through? Will send again!

      And will do!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Though I only just noticed they both have the fiery beards. Might have to do something different next time!