Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Deathwing part 2

Finshed off some more of my Deathwing!

Firstly though, I thought i'd post why I have gone with the colour scheme white instead of the more common 'bone' armour.

For a long time, I have been a big fan of Space Hulk, and while doing some research on what to paint these models, I came across an old PC game that I quite forgot that I had.

 I absolutely loved that intro sequence, especially with the assault cannon blasting the wall bursting with genestealers! So cool!
 I even came across the old novel Deathwing, which cites the reason why they coloured their armour white.

 And of course, the latest game, which is very atmospheric, and great fun trudging through the derelict ships that comprise of a space hulk.

 So with that in mind, I went with white, as it felt more old school (which is what i like) and harkens back to so many cool Space Hulk inspired experiences.
 With that, I managed to finish Belial, despite being resin, wasn't too bad, though the sword unusable, so had to replace it with the Deathwing box sword. I also added a cape from the same box, as it looked the part.
 Close up of the sergeant. I removed the feathers at the top, as I wasn't a fan.
 I magnetized this one, so I can change his loadout. Should be useful when I use him for Space Hulk games.

 Group shot of my painted forces so far.
And my wip Librarian, from the Space Hulk set. Hope to have him ready before the next planned game against Genestealer Cults.

Anyways, thanks for looking.

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