Saturday, 1 December 2018

And now for something completely different..

Well it has certainly been a while since I have posted anything here. I have, however, been very busy with real life. Just in the span of the last few months I have another baby boy (third one now), trying to fix up the house to sell and building a new house to boot. I have an inspection next week to look at the new house, so hopefully it will be ready to move into before Christmas, but I am not expecting it.

So with all of that going on, quite understandably, I have had little time to hobby, though I have made a start on something I wanted to do ages ago.

 To help while away the nights, I watched the entire Hornblower series. Absolutely loved it and made me have a thirst for painting up my Napoleonics, which have sat in boxes behind the computer. I mainly got them from Warlord, though since doing a lot of research, I have branched out to have a look at some other companies, such a Perry and such. I do like Warlord models though, and I have a starter British army, starter French army and the Waterloo box. In fact the starter French army was sent to me in error, but being the kind chaps they are at Warlord, they said to keep it and sent me what I did in fact order, which was rather kind of them. It was through doing a lot of research into the Napoleonic era (since I had lots of late nights), that I discovered Sharpe.

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed all the series of Sharpe, and further fueled interest into the period. I haven't really done any historical wargaming, though I have enjoyed reading up on the period, researching the correct uniforms for regiments and the like. I figure it is easier to build for a particular part of the period, especially as the Napoleonic wars went for a long time. So I have decided to focus on the battle of Waterloo. Since I already have the Waterloo box, plus enough models to bulk up the French and British sides, it seemed a natural choice. There is of course, more models I want to get to bulk up the two sides, being Marshal Ney and Uxbridge, I figure I will wait till I at least paint some basic forces first. One unit I was too weak to resist were these 95th Rifles, especially as they seemed to be modelled on Sharpe! Very much looking forward to this unit arriving, hopefully before I move house!

So thusly inspired, I painted up half a unit of line infantry. I don't think I will base them till the other half are done but I might crack, and see what they look like. Overall, they are quite different from what I am used to, and I have enjoyed the research that went into it, which simply is not the case with 30k, 40k or Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

So next up I intend to paint the command group, as I am desperate to see what the flags look like.

Here is hoping I can be a little more consistent with the blogging, but no pressure. 

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