Saturday, 7 October 2017

Back into the swing of things...

Well, hobby time has been inconsistent, mainly due to work and family commitments, but I finally have something to show. With the start of 8th edition, and coupled with the release of the new Death Guard, I thought I would start a force.

This contrasts rather nicely as my friend is starting a Minotaurs army, and due to the fluff in the DG book about them raiding the Minotaurs fortress monastery and tainting their gene stocks, I think that makes for a rather nice incentive for a campaign!

So I have decided on a scheme and I went for a corrupted and corroded heresy Death Guard scheme. I essentially used these YouTube videos form Brush and Boltgun to help paint them.

Basic scheme video

Corrosion video

And here are my efforts.

I think they look the part! I still have 4 more of the squad to complete, but am hoping the going gets easier as I get more familiar with the scheme.

I have also managed to get in a game with the new DG, and I must say, they are tough! I do like that Disgustingly Resilient and high toughness, though they are very slow. I am hoping to at least finish this squad and my Malignant Plaguecaster, as they were the standout units from my last game, especially that Plaguecaster.

Thanks for looking.

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