Saturday, 5 November 2016

Huscarl banner bearer complete

I know I am meant to be working on the new army, but this model just kinda begged to be complete. I felt that Dorn and the Huscarl's needed a banner for the army, just to feel complete. The banner itself is from the 25th Crimson Fist anniversary model, which just was perfect for the model.

As always for my Huscarl's, I gave him the ceremonial cloak.

 I had to green stuff the "Crimson" words ar the top of the scroll, glad you can't really see that.
 As always, he as a storm shield, only the best for my Huscarl's! I also put something on the back of the banner, just to be a bit more interesting. I figure it is the name of all the Huscarl's that have fallen in battle. Or something like that.

 I couldn't resist a group shot defending Dorn.
Hope you like!

Thanks for looking.