Thursday, 6 October 2016


I have finished assembling the last of the squad, and have even made an attempt at a colour scheme. As already stated, they will be painted black in the Justaerin style, but finding a good black scheme, other than just painting them black, has been quite difficult.

First up though, is the rest of the squad.

With these melta guns, I actually magnetised them, so I can swap them out for other kit, like heavy bolters and the like if I want, with out having to make another model kitted that way.

Now I have also had a go at a scheme. Here is the wip.

I'm worried it looks a little too grey, however, I need it to be 'lighter' so I can add some battle damage later. I am really happy with the left shoulder pad, as that turned out well. I also like my red. The base I am still wondering about. I was thinking metallic with red dust, but not sure.

Any comments would be appreciated.


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