Saturday, 18 February 2017

A year in review

Well I acknowledge it is a bit late, I thought I would at least look at my hobby accomplishments for 2016, and for once set myself some goals for 2017.

Lets have a look at what I managed to paint for 2017.

I also managed to assemble some more for my Fists.

And make a start on a new army, the Sons of Horus.

Still, a very definite theme for 2016 was a lot of 30k. I am please with how my Fists came along, as I assembled and painted a lot of them. Plus I always love how they play and look in the game. I think all the games I had this year though were just 30k, so it would be nice to vary it a little for this coming year.

So some goals for 2017.

I'd really like to finish that Imperial Fist Land Raider.

I'd also like to make a start on that bike squad, despite its performance.

I'd also like to finish the Justaerin squad so at least it can be fully painted. 

The last major goal I want it is to at least have one game of Black Powder, since I have quite a bit of Napoleonic British and Napoleonic French now. Obviously some painting to go with that as well.

We shall see what the year ahead brings.

Thanks for looking.


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