Saturday, 23 April 2016

Painting up some much needed terrain

I kinda got a bit sick and tired of playing on a painted board with my painted armies, but with unpainted terrain. So I decided to make a start in fixing that.

Ages ago, I bought an Imperial City, that big set that came out for Cities of Death. I made up three buildings, and that's it. I decided to make up more buildings with the vast amount of sprues I have lying around. I also painted up the building that's be sitting there for years.

Here are my efforts. For all these buildings I use craft paint, and sparingly use some washes on little areas to do some effects.

I decided early on to do the buildings in different colours, to make it look more interesting.

I actually ruined this piece initially with a too heavy dry brush of white. I then cracked out some of my Secret Weapon washes such as Baby Poo and Sewer Water, and filthed it up. It doesn't look too bad now. I also used the verdigris and rust on the metal and brass.

 This looks a bit neater. My son helped paint it, and picked the colour, hence why its a bit salmon.

Should be good to use them in a game, along with my new mat. I figure with my remaining sprues I can make 2 more buildings, so all up I can have 7 buildings of various sizes which should be enough for most games.

Thanks for looking.


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