Friday, 15 April 2016

More Imperial Fists

Got some more hobby done this holiday. I realised after taking the photo of my lastest squad I didn't give my sergeant the red helm and stripe, so I felt compelled to change that and update that. Here he is with the adjusted helm.

 Here is a closer look at his heraldry. I have all my veterans and characters with their own little heraldic shield on them. Just think it looks cool, and I like doing the designs.

I also painted up two more Huscarls with chainfists for an upcoming game. I have had said game, and will post it up with the game photo's soon. It was a game against a lot of Knights, so I thought some chainfists would be in order.

Next up I will write up the battle report of my 30k Imperial Fists and Knights vs Knights and Lunar Wolves. It was a brutal fight!

Thanks for looking.


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