Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Battle for the stars...30k Heresy battle

"T-minus 50 seconds to impact."

 So it has come to this, thought the 405th Captain. To fight fellow Astartes. Inconceivable that one Legion could have fallen, now another has. The Alpha Legion were always shrouded, always concealed their intent. It is none too surprising that they fell, though the lack of intel on them, their command structure and their way of war was a concern. 

They would have to fall like all others before the might of the 7th, bolter in hand and hammer them unto death and oblivion, like so many of the xenos races faced during the Great Crusade. I just wish...."Impact in 5 seconds". Alexis looked back to his assault team and uttered the oath confident that it would lend them strength of purpose as it had thousands of times before. "Primarch-Progenitor, to your glory and the glory of Him on Earth!

This a 1000pt game of Zone Mortalis using the Space Hulk tiles. For the rules adjustments we made, you can have a look at my earlier post here. If you would like to see the earlier campaign game, have a look at our game in the Rad Wastes.

This game pits the Imperial Fists vs Alpha Legion on an orbiting Space Station, above the contested world. We decided to use my Space Hulk tiles (just one set), and set out a tight series of corridors to represent the station in part. First up are the lists we used.

Imperial Fists Zone Mortalis Assault Force (attacker) 1000pts
Alexis Polux 165

10 Veteran Tacticals 255
- 2 Heavy Bolters with Suspensor Webs
- Power Fist

Apothecary 45

5 Legion Terminators (Huscarls) 255
 - Terminator armour (Cataphractii)
- 5 Storm Shields
- 1 Thunder Hammer
- 2 Chainfists

Omni (Primaris Medicae) 145
- Terminator Armour
- Storm Shield
- Solarite Power Gauntlet

Legion Dreadnought  125
- 2 Dreadnought close combat weapons

Alpha Legion Zone Mortalis Defence Force (defender) 1000pts
Vigilator 125
- artificer armour
- power weapon (maul)
- melta bombs
- refractor field

15 Tactical Space Marines 225
- legion vexilla
- artificer armour
- melta bombs

10 Terminators 385
- Terminator armour (Cataphractii)
- 9× combi-bolters
- 9× power fists
- combi-bolter
- chainfist
- power dagger

Apothecary 55
- artificer armour

5 Headhunters 210
- heavy bolter
Headhunter Prime
- artificer armour
- power fist

Legiones Astartes: Alpha Legion (Infiltrate)

The Mission
As is my custom, I have forgotten what the mission title is and will endeavour next time to actually write notes down. I knew the important bits though, and that was to kil kil kil. The Alpha Legion got to pick the starting location for their forces, and due to them all infiltrating or in reserve, were done. So that left me deploying and going second (unless I seize the initiative). With that in mind, I put Polux, the apothecary and Veterans in reserve (as I had to), and deployed my Huscarls, Omni and the Dreadnought as I knew the terminators couldn't run and would be out of the game if they cam on later, and I wasn't brave enough to use Polux's ability to teleport them in on space hulk tiles without a transponder. With that set we were ready to start.
Start of the game deployment. I'm sure you notice the 10 man Terminator squad to the flank of my forces. Headhunters plus an apothecary were on the far end close to the Huscarls.
End of Turn for the Imperial Fists and Alpha Legion.

Not a whole lot to show for an entire turn. No line of sight so no shooting, just moving about ready to strike.
"We are getting some large readings on the auspex..."
Alpha Legion Turn 2

The Headhunters fall back into defense positions, eager to take down a few Huscarl's. The Terminators continue to plod forward in an effort to catch the dreadnought. Reserves failed to turn up at this stage.

Imperial Fists Turn 2

The Huscarl's open the door and plod down the corridor towards the Headhunters. The Dreadnought, knowing where the reserves will turn up, starts to head down that way, away from the mob of Terminators. Just to be sporting, I too fail to summon my reserves. Seems Polux and crew are ensuring my lead forces have a chance at some honour.
The Headhunters let rip with their overwatch fire, killing two Huscarl's! The Huscarl's simply fail their assault charge as they now need a 9 rather than the below average 6 that was required before.
Alpha Legion Turn 3

The reserves again leave it up to the initial forces, failing to turn up. The Headhunters, buoyed from their earlier success, open up on the surviving Huscarls, and claim another! It seems I was very good at rolling ones and letting the Primaris Medicae look on and doing nothing. The Terminators continued their trudge, getting closer to their target, the Dreadnought.
Imperial Fist Turn 3

The Huscarl's advance again towards the Headhunters, and it seems this time they had their shields up. They manage to get into assault this time, without any losses, and wipe the squad out, taking no further injuries. They then consolidate back down the corridor.
The dreadnought continues to move forwards in an effort to block the coming reinforcements.

Alpha Legion Turn 4

The much needed reinforcements arrive, right behind the dreadnought! With Vigilator and sergeant up front, brandishing their melta bombs, they hope to take out the behemoth. The Terminators move up to close the trap. Now there is no where for the dreadnought to go, except through bodies!
Imperial Fists Turn 4

The dreadnought decides to go for the blob of marines with the Warlord in it. The Huscarl's decide to flank the Terminators, and meet up with my reinforcements that finally arrived. Polux and his squad move as quick as they can to get into the action, running as they know time is short.
The dreadnought in lose combat manages to kill the Vigilator and another marine. He does suffer a hull point for his troubles though, however, the close confines of the tiles means that limited numbers can be brought to bear against the Imperial Dreadnought.
Alpha Legion Turn 5

The Terminators move up to relieve the Tactical Marines. With nothing else to do they assault in. The Dreadnought takes a few marines down , but ultimately the Terminators with power fists succeed in destroying the ancient warrior. Their units then consolidate towards Polux and his fresh new squad.

Imperial Fists Turn 5

Polux grieves for the fallen warrior, and pushes his warriors to move faster towards the enemy. The Huscarl's move to link up with Polux and his veteran squad. However at the end they need not bother, as the Alpha Legion signaled the retreat. That is, the game ended here!

So after a very interesting and enjoyable game here are the results.

Imperial Fists:
- 1 VP for killing more units (Attrition),
- 1 VP for having more units alive (Last Man Standing),
- 1 VP for the Vigilator (Slay the Warlord),
- 3 VPs for Apothecary, Headhunters and Vigilator (Search and Destroy).
Total: 6

Alpha Legion:
- 1 VP for the Dreadnought (Search and Destroy).
Total: 1 

So a win to the Imperial Fists! With this win, I successfully take the point, so we now both control a strategic point each in the campaign. We now will move onto the next campaign turn, which will hopefully see some action in the last uncontested strategic point, The Treacherous Ruins. 

I really enjoyed playing the game on a different board, and the Space Hulk tiles were very brutal for movement, but I feel accurately depicted the close confines of the warzone. It remains to be seen if the Imperial Fists can hold this point!

Thanks for looking.



  1. Great batrep! I think that when I try out ZM I'll have to double up on tiles for rooms. The Space Hulk ones do leave little room for shooting.

    1. Cheers! Glad you enjoyed reading it. You are right though, it is very tight down those corridors.