Thursday, 31 December 2015

Last post of the year! Another House Hawkshroud Knight

Well I did it. Finished the last Knight model I have before the end of 2015. I made it a Knight Errant as I thought that would be very helpful when dealing with marines and armour. That and it was a different type, so it felt right to do it a little different. Being as this is my second Knight, I found it easier to paint, and was able to apply some more details to it, which is nice.

Anyways, here is my final painted model for 2015!

And finally a group shot of my Imperial Knights army. I can now make around 750pts, though I still need one more Knight to have a legal army of just Knights. I have ordered my last Knight, which will bump my force up to 1200pts, or failing that, can ally with my Imperial Fists for some action for the time being.

Thanks for looking!


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