Monday, 11 January 2016

Imperial Fists wip shots - Huscarls

I have been bust modelling away, while I await my last Knight. It has been apparant to me for a while now that I needed more Huscarls. Huscarls are the veteran marines that accompany Rogal Dorn, pretty much his body guard. Anyways, long ago I made up 5 of them, though I had parts to make 10. At the time, since I had played no games of 30k, 5 seemed more than enough back then.

Lately, however, I feel that I need more. So in the lull of assembling and painting my last Knight, I thought I would give them a crack. This also, just so happens to have coincided with a challenge on the Bolter and Chainsword, which is always a good incentive.

I also felt that in making these Huscarls, I would try and make them more anti-armour and anti-Terminator, hence why a few of them have Chainfists and Powerfists.

You can see my efforts below.

 I really wanted a banner, just as I thought it would look amazing. This banner is from the 25th Anniversary model, with the 'Crimson', greenstuffed in.

As before they are all armed with Storm Shields, so they will be very durable. The Storm Shields themselves are Lysanders shield, though I must admit, my stock pile of those shields is now critically low! Still, I think they look the part.

I am unsure if I will paint them soon, as I have no games forthcoming, so I might have a go at assembling some of my other models for my Fists.

Thanks for looking!



  1. Imposing indeed! Looking forward to seeing them painted!

    1. Thanks Suber! They are really fun to model, if a bit costly to get all the parts. Will be great when I get these done so I can then field 10 of them in games.