Thursday, 24 December 2015

Start of a new army....Imperial Knights: House Hawkshroud

Thought I would post some thoughts on the new army I am building up. Imperial Knights.

When I first thought about it, I was rather adamant that I wouldn't paint any more yellow. I have Imperial Fists, so that's enough, so I thought I would go with Terryn. After looking at some information about Knights, I found that House Terryn is mainly based near the Ultramarines in the East. I know I could work around it, but again, I came back to yellow. I suppose the catalyst was how cool it would look, and that I can fit them in very easily into my Fists army, and it would look in place.

So I bought a Knight and painted it up. You can see the first battle I had with it here.

I also did something with this model that I haven't done since my old Blood Angels army in 4th Ed. I used transfers! I originally hated transfers, as they never fit properly on marine shoulder pads. This is before the Micro Sol and Micro Set that has since been recommended to me. But I though I would give it a go on the one, as the plates are rather large, and I am not confident to freehand all that.

Anyways here is my first Imperial Knight. Let me know what you think.

You may have noticed two things. I haven't painted up its tabbard yet, and it is still missing its personal heraldry. Well as for the personal heraldry, there was nothing on the Imperial Knight Transfer sheet, but I have found an answer here at Bolter and Chainsword. Someone has made transfers (the Black wreath in particular), which is what I need for the personal heraldry. I can then add in my intended Imperial Fists symbol to tie it in to their allies. I have also found a place that sell the decal paper, so all I have to do is download the decals, print it on special paper, and then use them! Sounds simple to use!

I am currently in the midst of painting my second Knight, a Knight Errant, so will see if I can get that done over the weekend.

Thanks for looking!



  1. Hey, that's impressive! Your mastership of yellow, specially on such wide surfaces, is remarkable! Really good job, I love it!

    1. Cheers! I am really looking forward to getting some more painted up. Currently painting my second as I type this. Thanks for looking!