Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Crawling back some motivation...

Apologies for the long hiatus! Work has been hectic this last month, so much so, that even my birthday could not take me from its embrace. Still, nearly on holidays so its time to try and get some hobby done. I realise that Warhammer Fantasy has essentially ceased to be, but I really like 8th, and I'm not liking the models, look or feel of the new Age of Sigmar, so I'd really like to keep playing 8th.

I've played Warhammer Fantasy from 3rd to 8th Edition, and really do find that 8th was the most fun for me. The End Times was interesting, though I thought they should have played it out longer, instead of rushing through it. Ahh well, its not going to stop me from playing on inthe Old World.

Anyways, slight rant aside, I have been painting some Empire. I have a few 8th Ed games coming up, and I wanted to try out the good old Empire.  I haven't got any close up's as of yet, simply due to laziness, though I do have a selection of models to show off. Best thing is, they are all very old metal models. The best kind!

 The force as is on a dark, small shelf.
 A better lit angle.
 Some old Reiksguard on foot. I have 25, so I might use them either as Swordsmen or Greatswords. Not too sure.
 Some old metal archers, and the new cool model of the Witch Hunter. Figure it would be fun for them to run around.
 Again, some old metal crossbows. The models did not come with the crossbows, so I think I got some historical metal crossbows from Foundry, as I had heard they fit perfectly. Which they do by the way. Of course I have a Bright Wizard there as well. The fact he is on fire (literally) appealed to me. Plus I can say all the Firebat lines from Starcraft as I play. Bonus.
A nice big unit of Knights Panther, my favourite and the most iconic unit for the Empire in my opinion. I have painted up a mounted BSB in the form of the new Ludwig Schwartshelm, and of course a mounted general in the guise of Valten. This unit is a nice 15 models strong, which is a good start I think.

I'll endeavour to get some close pics of the characters I have painted recently. I'm trying to get the Knights Panther a bit more presentable before their debut match this Saturday.

Thanks for looking!



  1. That's a nice collection of old school models.

    And yeah, no reason AoS means you have to stop playing 8th edition, so long as you can still find opponents.

    1. Cheers! I really liked your post on your particular hobby future, and am very much inspired by the big games you run, as well as the awesome narratives you construct.

      At this stage my little gaming group is sticking with 8th, so for the immediate future I'm in a happy place. Will have to see what the community does in the future, be it release gamer content with rules or campaigns (would be good but who knows). Think it has a lot of possibility.

      Either way, I'm glad I no longer have the unknown future in front of my hobby, so I can get focused and get things done!

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. I know I have no intention of giving up 8th, although I may well play AoS aswell. So that gives you atleast 1 extra person to play, and possibly by extension my group.

    3. That sounds good! There is still a few campaigns like Idol of Gork and Sigmar's Blood I want to play through.