Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Xenos vs Xenos: Orks vs Tyranids Battle report.

I say this is a battle report in the loosest sense of the word. This was a game (1000pts) between my friends new Tyranid army he was fielding, and my Freebooter Orks army. I believe the mission was purge the Xenos, which was rather fitting as we were both Xenos players.

For this game, I had only just got to grips with the new Ork codex, and essentially this would be our first times playing each of these armies. So which Xenos will reign supreme?

This was the Tyranids deployment. I'm sure most people will be able to see what is there. There is also a flying Hive Tyrant with double twin-linked devourers just behind that building.
 My meagre force consisted of a Warboss in Mega armour and a lucky stick. 4 Mega-armoured Nobz keeping him company in the Battlewagon, alongside a Painboy. I also have 2 units of shoota boyz with a few big shootaz there and a unit of Tankbustaz in a trukk. I also have a unit of 10 grots hiding at the back in an effort to be forgotten (I took them for objective purposes).
 The stage is set!

Tyranid Turn 1
I had the choice of first or second turn. For some reason I decided to go second. Don't ask me why. Basically the Tyranids shot over half my army off the board. The Shoota boyz on the left legged it off the board from casualties. The Shoota boyz bunking down in the building lost 15 boyz to the spore mines. The trukk got shot and got wrecked and the tankbustaz got shot at as well. Well and truly a nasty turn 1.

Freebooter Turn 1
My turn 1 sees the Battlewagon move up, and the Warboss and his unit of mega-armoured Nobz leap out and assault the big nasty thing in the river. They promptly swat it to death with Powerklaws and consolidate as close as they can to the Tyranids. The tankbustaz make loud noises at the Flying Hive Tyrant and that's pretty much the extent of my turn.

Tyranid Turn 2
The Tyranids move up for more firing positions. They shoot my Nobz with everything, and eventually I failed a morale test and they fall back. The Hive Tyrant shoots more death at the Shoota boyz in the building.

Freebooter Turn 2
My Mega-armoured Nobz and Warboss fail their regroup check and continue to leg it. The tankbustaz try and get some cover.

Tyranid Turn 3
The guants shoot and assualt my Nobz and Warboss, along with a lot of other shooting. The Nobz are wiped out but the Warboss survives on 1 wound, along with the Painboy. The Hive Tyrant finishes off the Battlewagon and the Grots are wiped out by indirect shooting. In the assault, the Warboss does his best to fail his saves and succeeds. Just the Painboy remains.

Freebooter Turn 3
The Tankbustaz move up to assault the gaunts to help out the painboy and promptly roll a double 1 for assult. The painboy survives the assult, and kills a guant.

Tyranid Turn 4
Not much happens here. The painboy goes down to the gaunts on the assault finally succumbing to the pain.

End result:

Tyranids: 12
Orks: 1

A very sound thrashing! I totally blame it on the dice and the fact that my army (aside form 2 models) was completely unpainted. So was his but there you go, I have no real excuse. I look at the game again and honestly can't think of what I could have done. The Tyranid shooting was just insane, and even my boyz in the buildings copped in insane amount of hits from the biovores (something like 60 hits from them in Turn 1 from the overlapping barrages).

Hopefully next time I can try and redeem myself and make it a little closer!

Thanks for looking.


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