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Dissent in the ranks - A Heresy Era Battle Part 2

In last episode, you would have seen the Loyalists bloody the nose of the Secessionists and some movement shenanigans from the Loyalists. Here we have the terrifying conclusion of this schism in the ranks. If you have missed the first part, here it is.

Secessionist Turn 4
Having seeing a tasty target in the form of a Rhino with a Tactical squad inside, veteran squad II with the Praetor in tow shamble towards it and promptly fail the charge distance. Veteran squad I follow behind to lend some cover fire. 

Loyalist Turn 4

Sigismund orders boots to the ground and all the Tactical marines from squads I and II disembark and unleash hell on the closest enemy squad with the Warlord in it. At the end of that withering of fire, still the Vet Sgt and Warlord survive. Sigismund finally decides that now he is needed to sway the odds, and leaves the mighty protection of the Land Raider "Dauntless" and falls into Tactical squad I. The Land Raider "Dauntless" takes some shot at the blue veteran tactical squad but to no effect.

The results at the end of that salvo. Could have been better, and certainly could have been worse.

 Secessionist Turn 5

This is where the blood gets shed. Veteran tactical squad II with the Warlord decide to advance and properly engage my tactical squad II in front of them. The second squad move up to unleash a lot of sniping rapid fire bolters into my Tactical squad I. The resulting fire results in 70% casualties. Fortunately however, they do not break and Sigismund is filled with faith and vengeance. 

In the resulting assault phase, the Warlord, perhaps due to his conscience, only succeeds in filling 2 loyalist marines out of his 7 attacks with the Solarite Power Glove. The sgts face off against each other, however the Tactical Sgt with the power sword delivers the telling blow before the enemy Vet Sgt can strike. No clear winner meant that the combat was sure to continue next turn.

 Loyalist Turn 5

The tactical marines pile in around the Warlord with combat knives at the ready, which unfortunately blocked Sigismund's view of his target. Knowing he must have blood he ordered his tactical squad up to assault the veteran sniper squad. The Rhino's move into the enemies deployment area ready to break their lines.
This is the result of the overwatch fire into Sigismund's assault. Due to Warlord traits he gets to reroll 1's, and after rolling six 1's for overwatch, rerolls them again to get the exact same number of 1's. Yeah, it was that impressive.
Sigismund crashes into the unit, issuing a challenge to any that would be brave enough to accept. The vet sgt got shoved forward and then hacked apart along with 4 others by the Black Sword. The veterans kill the remaining tactical marines but decide to leg it in the face of Sigismund. Sigismund cuts them down where they stand and consolidates towards his target.
The second assault doesn't go too well for the Loyalists, they manage to do another wound to the Warlord, bringing him down to 1 wound, but he does significant damage back to the unit and they leg it away and manage to outpace the Warlord.
Secessionist Turn 6
Being face to face with Sigismund on 1 wound is not the bets of places to be. Trying to put as much distance and obstacles between him and a vengeful Sigismund, the enemy Warlord crashes through the building assaulting through the other side and striking the Loyalist Rhino on the other side. He immoblizes it but it survives. The contemptor fires at the fleeing Tactical Squad II and kills 2, leaving only the Vet Sgt left.

 Loyalist Turn 6
Sigismund stalks his pray and launches after him.

Tactical Sgt fails to rally and falls back to Loyalist lines. Sigismund gets ready to assault his target, and everything lines up to help take out the enemy Warlord. Ultimately Sigismund is cheated from his prize by the combi-bolter on Rhino I, who delivers the telling blow to the Warlord. 

Although Sigismund wasn't able to kill the enemy Warlord in honourable close combat, the end result was;

Loyalist: 9 vp's

Secessionist: 3 vp's

A very fun game to be had, and nice to crack out my Imperial Fists for a game set in this era. Our next game is going to up the ante with 1500pts a side. Will Sigismund get his challenge?

Thanks for looking!


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