Sunday, 31 August 2014

Ruined tower

Its been a very busy month, but I have finally got something of note to post. Considering most of my armies are painted, and the battle board is painted, it started to irk me that the terrain we were fighting over was the usual ghost grey of the unloved. So I set myself the job of painting some of it.

Here is a ruined watch tower, from GW though it might be OOP, I have no idea. Really cool piece that has seen action in every game we have played. So I thought to give it some of its former glory back and paint it. Here is how I went.

 I saw that the details within suggested it was a wizards tower or wizards outpost at some stage. So i decided to paint the ground relief of the winds of magic the colours they are. There is also a Tzeentch symbol half hidden in the bricked doorway hidden at the back.
 Lovely rusted gate. Also rusted all the metal holds on the side, with nice streaks of rust going down the stones.
 Applied some nice verdigris to the Sigmar symbol, first time I've used the GW technical paint.
 Can't be Warhammer without the sculls. They look good now, but were a pain to paint as always.
Did some OSL for the lit candles. Think it pulled off well.

There we have it! Some finished terrain for our games. Working on somehing different for Fantasy at the moment, and having a great time reading through Nagash. So many dead Special Characters, its amazing!

Till next time.



  1. It's called Dreadstone Blight; still available too. Very nice job man! Looking forward to playing a game with it on the board! :)

    1. Cheers! Hopefully next time it won't be garrisoned by Old Blood's and Temple Guard! That was a rough undertaking!

  2. Very impressive work indeed on the ruined tower!

    1. Thanks very much! Looking forward to using it in a game.