Monday, 11 August 2014

Hrothgar Dethfist

Hrothgar Dethfist is the Warboss of my Orc army. Key word, Orc army. Ages ago I posted up some of my Orc Big Un's, and have been chipping away at this monstrosity for ages. I've finally finished him off and can present. So far Hrothgar has been played on one battle where he got shot to death my Waywatcher arrows, but you have to expect that considering 'new model syndrome'. I'm hoping my next game with double giant, wyvern list will do a bit better, especially with this guy painted. Or maybe not.

Anyways, here he is.

 I decided to go with a red wyvern as opposed to a green one, just as its a little different, and I thought it might complement the army more considering my army at this stage has red armour. The skin is done in my usual method, a dark army green, black washed and then highlighted with a lighter camo green.

The blood on the axe is my usual method of Tamiya Clear Red acrylic mixed with a little black. Excellent paint to do blood effects. I know GW now have their own, by I have a big stock pile of Tamiya, and have yet to use 1/4 of a bottle. Great stuff.

 The wings took awhile with layered and washed bone colours, highlighting up to off white.
 The banner itself is molded on there this time, so was a little easier to paint. Very convenient that I stuck with the ogre face for my army motive!
The model in all its glory, and yet to reap some. Hopefully soon it think. The mushrooms I think were a nice touch, though in hindsight, I'm not a fan of the gold. Might redo that. Though there is plenty to paint for the time being without going back over things so I shall leave that for now.

Thank again for looking!



  1. Wow, nice work there! The red skin truly gives it an impression! Enjoyable mini, well done!!

    1. Cheers! It is a great model to paint, and I'm glad I finally got there!