Friday, 18 July 2014

Dead Drunk

Small update here. Quite prolific today to get two posts in 1 day! Anyways, tomorrow night a few friends of mine having a gaming night planned for Warhammer Fantasy. We will be playing the scenario Loot and Pillage (or Oi! Get away from my Beer!) from the main rulebook, in the non standard section. Basically its a game to claim barrels of Bugman's XXXXXX.

So considering that I have already painted up a Bugman Beer cart, I thought I'd paint up a unit filler with some barrels on it to represent the beer at the Inn, that is in the centre of the board.
The barrels are from the Bugman limited model. The drunk dwarf is an old citadel one which I had spare. The spilt beer I think is a nice touch.

I added a pipe, mug and axe from the old 6th Ed Dwarf plastics. Still got a lot of those pieces in my bits box.

The main Dwarf himself, Bugman. Thought that the Dwarf force I planned to take would include him and some of his rangers. I had to put him on a rock to look heroic and actually fit in the unit as well.

Not bad for a days effort.

I'm looking forward to the games tomorrow night. I'll definately (even though I say it everytime) will bring my good camera for photo's.

Thanks for looking!


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