Friday, 18 July 2014

Chaos Lord Couringard

I thought I would share this model I painted around 4 years ago. As you may know I am making my Skullcrushers, and I would really like one model to have this weapon. This model I painted originally for my Iron Warriors army. However as I was painting up Imperial Fists at the same time, and essentially the same kind of things (Rhino, troops, terminators etc), it meant that it was the same force, only different colours, and I like to collect armies that have different play styles.

So cue one regret, I sold them. Except this model and the only troop choice I fully painted.

I love this model. I put a lot of time in it, and knew when I was selling the rest, I couldn't sell this. I knew one day I may return to Chaos, so I kept it in the shed.

Essentially what I remember of this model, is that at its core, its just a plastic Chaos Terminator Lord. I have him a simple wrist mounted combi-bolter, though I remember cutting it down a little. The ammo was also fiddly if I recall.

Of course the real noticeable part of the model is the Daemonic weapon itself. I took inspiration from the character Nightmare from the Soul Caliber series of games. The haft is made from the sorcerers staff from the sprue, the blade itself is made up from 2 Dark elf shields, cut so they curve correctly. The rest is green stuff. The eye, I think I also cut off a shoulder pad from the Chaos Lord sprue.

Anyways, I will recreate this for one skullcrusher, but though I'd post the original with a little background. Hope you like it.

Thanks for looking!



  1. Hey, interesting model! I would have like seeing him handling that weapon! :D

    1. Thanks! One day I shall return and give him an army to lead.