Sunday, 23 February 2014

Shrooms and Chaos!

Here I have a game I played with my friend Cail a couple of weeks ago. Only now have I had a chance to go through the photo's and write it up. Appologies for that, but you wouldn't have known anyway....unless you were my friend.

We played a 1600pt game of Night Goblins vs Chaos Warriors to see who would be the baddest badass of them all. I took my painted stuff, comprising of:

Daemon Prince Ommadon

Exalted Hero BSB on Daemonic steed Astaroth

Lv2 Nugle Mage Tormentor

20 Chaos Warriors of Nurgle with additional handweapons and shields.

8 Chaos Trolls (no Throgg, but I love the model so used him anyway)

2 lots of 5 warhounds.

My friend had:
50 or 60 Night Goblins with a bunch of big bosses in there with Great Weapons

20 Night Goblin archers (I think), with the Goblin General, BSB and shaman.

4 Spear Chukkas

2 Rock Lobba's

1 Doom Diver

3 Goblin Chariots

and 2 Mangler Squigs

We rolled Dawn Attack for the scenario, which made our units deploy randomly on the field. So no, I didn't deliberately deploy my Daemon Prince in front of all his artillery, the dice gods made it that way!

 Night Goblin deployment. My warhounds vanguard up to try and deal with those manglers.
 My force. Daemon Prince at this stage is none too pleased as all the artillery eyes him off.
 Night Goblins turn 1. Stuff moves up.
 The big block here fails its animosity.
 Chariots move up to Ommadon to provide a tempting target.
 Chaos turn 1. The warhounds for the glory of chaos throw themselves on a mangler. Warriors move up.
Cast a spell on the Trolls. One of the few times I did. I'm sure whatever it was, it was a waste of time ;).
 Ommadon declares charges on a goblin chariot, which wisely legs it, and then he redirects against the other, who legs it as well. So he is left standing there in the open. I really didn't know what to do with him with such a bad deployment, so I thought I'd at least be aggressive and try and get rid of a couple of threats before he goes. Turns out it took 2 turns of shooting to kill him.
Night Goblin turn 2. Fanatics come out. A bunch of hexes go on the trolls. Will it be enough? 
 Ommadon blasted back to the Realms of Chaos.
Chaos turn 3. Trolls charge in. Fanatics got killed by the sinister statue in the middle of the table, however its malign gaze does nothing but make the Trolls angry.
 The trolls do a LOT of damage. Goblins hold though thanks to the BSB reroll and steadfast.
 Mangler scampers off in a less optimal direction.
 My depleted warriors unit, after dealing with the chariot and being pegged by artillery finally charge in to the big unit of Night goblins. This proves too much for their tiny minds and wavering courage and they break and flee. Both of my units pursue, though only the trolls get into the generals unit.
 The trolls break the generals unit, and the Night Goblin artillery finish the Warriors unit. My friend called the game there as all he had were his warmachines and I was about to charge the building with the trolls and bsb. Thus ends game 1.

 It was an enjoyable game, with the usual round of randomness going on. It was unlucky that the Daemon Prince got taken out by turn two, but I still had 2 more hard combat units so at least they managed to do their job and smack some goblins about.

So it was another win for Chaos, though I can't help thinking it was rather close in the end. 

Since it was a quick game, we decided to have another 1000pt game. No idea the amylists, but all i could fit in was a hero, and a little small units. 
 My friend obviously giving some very quick gesture to my forces of Chaos.I'm sure it was family friendly and certainly appropriate.
 My force. It look alot, but there is nothing hard there (coming from the Chaos player).
Stuff moves. 
 Tried to deal with the Mangler, but in the end was unable to. 


 All in!
Trolls and warhounds did I think 1 wound. The Night Goblins trolls did a lot more. Needless to say they broke and got run down.
 My Chaos warriors did okay, but in the end, not having a BSB reroll for combat is what did it. That and having my Exalted Champion slain in a challenge with the Night Goblin Warboss. A worthy win to the Night Goblins!

And there we have it! A couple of good games! Got some more we did as well that I'll put up at some stage using the new Dwarf book.

Stay tuned!


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