Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Waaagh gathers...

Well time certainly flies. Didn't realise I was so slack posting here during August but there you go. I have been up to things though, so hopefully this month will be a little more productive.

In case it wasn't clear, I've been working on my Orc's and Goblin's. A while back I posted my completed Warboss and Orc Shaman. Since then I've been busy, but I finally got round to adding some more things to the force.

Firstly I assembled my boxes of Orc Warriors. I had three boxes but I only assembled 25 of them. The reason for this is that a) The sprues didn't have enough of the weapons to give them all additional hand weapons, and b) I literally hurt my back bending over scraping and assembling these brutes. Henceforth they are known as the 'Brackbreakaz'. This unit is going to be my Big 'Uns. I have modelled them all with extra armour in the form of shoulder pads, and they are all going to have shields on their back, just like Warboss Gorbash himself. I thought it was a cool idea.

So, I assembled them and my Arrer boyz in the form of Rugluds Armoured Orc's, as well as purchasing from old ebay two of the old Rock Lobbers that have the Orc crew. I thought it would match my theme of having predominately Orc's, plus I'm a sucker for old school models, especially at a good price! So I can't wait to use them. I also managed to procure some old Kev Adam's Goblin Wolf Riders as scouts for my meagre force.

So not only have I assembled some models and spent some money getting more, I've also painted some. First up is Gitkilla, my Tribes Battle Standard. His job is to carry the pole carrying Gorbash's trophy's (the ones that won't fit on his back banner, cos you can never have enough trophies. I made sure the Dwarf was in my Hold's colours as well, just for continuity. Hope he looks proper!

 This model is of the old metal standard for the Black Orc's. I thought it wold work well as a Battle Standard, at least till I can get my mits on the ForgeWorld one!
 Added some freehand to the gutplate to try and make him stand out. Next to the unit standard of the Big 'Uns he doesn't really, but we shall see if this helps him stand out.
Poor Dwarf Clansman. What a way to go...

I have also painted the Big 'Uns champion. This is using the spare bits that was left over from the Warboss conversion. Yet to be named!

So, not only have I assembled (so, so many orc's) and painted two whole models, I've also managed to have some games with these guys. Now I know I say this everytime, but I forgot to take photo's, again. There has to be a better system than me relying on my own memory, but I can't think of one at this stage.

Anyways, I got an opportunity to try out 1000pts vs Vampire Counts with these guys, and It ended with a minor loss in one game and a win in the other. Not bad. I learned a lot, not least of which was to equip my Warboss better, and what works in the game. Rock Lobbas are kinda cool, especially two of them so I'll definately keep them in.

Still, I got a game lined up in a week and a bit, so I'll take the greenskins again, and hopefully remember to take few action shots.

Back to painting!


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