Sunday, 8 September 2013

Big 'Un's and Realm of Battle boards

Working on my Orc's and Goblin's for an upcoming game, I put the finishing touches to my Big 'Uns standard bearer. I've slowly be doing more and more freehand in my models, so I was quite keen to give freehand a go on a banner. The choice for me was obvious and classic. That big red face on a yellow background. Painting so many Imperial Fists means yellow comes quite easy now, so it was merely the freehand I was worried about pulling off.

I put a fair amount of detail on the face, including teeth and spots, though the camera doesn't always show that. Either way I'm am very pleased with how it turned out, and can't wait to use them in a game.

Here he is...

I have also put some time aside to painting the battleboard we use for our games. I think its a shame we have some cool painted models, but are still playing on grey and undercoated black Realm of Battle boards, so I made a dent in one of them. I still have about 7 more to do at some stage, but this one only took a couple of hours, so hopefully it will be easy to get them all done. I added a lot of washes to add some colour and depth to the cracks. I quite like how it turned out. I also wanted some moss in there, so I watered down some Castellan Green for it. Finished it off with a varnish. Will see if that holds up after the next lot of games. Hope you like.

I used a lot of artists acrylic for this, as its far cheeper than buying the individual pots. Goes a long way too.

At the moment, on working on more Big 'Uns, and am aiming to at the very least have the first rank painted before the next game. I'm also working on a 1000pt list for them, so will share that when I have made a few changes.

Anyways, back to painting.


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