Sunday, 14 January 2018

Total War: Warhammer II is to blame...

Just like the title suggests, it is totally to blame for my next series of posts. Fantasy Battle nostalgia has hit me in a big way, in no small part because of Warhammer II.

So to start off, in honour of the Vortex Campaign, I painted up my favourite character from it, Tyrion the Defender, which is totally what I went with when he was fully upgraded, not the avatar if Khaine.

Anyways, here he is.

It doesn't show up that much in these photo's, but the 'matt' varnish I gave him, wasn't matt. I am currently awaiting a fix for it though, so hopefully that makes him less gloss. I must say, I don't normally varnish models, but thought for this centere piece I would. Just goes to show how new I am at this.

Inaddition to this, I have also painted up some other models, which I will to get to, and had a game of good ol 8th ed. No photo's from the game unfortunately, however, we are having a Triumph and Treachery 3 way in the next week, so I will endeavour to remember to take some photo's.

It has been so good to paint some square bases again, and a lot of fun delving into Warhammer Fantasy again, so stay tuned for some more, whether you are into it or not.

Thanks for looking!

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