Sunday, 21 February 2016

Duty and Shadow - Horus Heresy Campaign

As mentioned previously, my friend and I are starting a campaign, My Imperial Fists vs Alpha Legion. We are going to use the campaign system from the Conquest book.

We decided on 3 warzones, Ancient Ruins, Rad Wastes and a Space Station. Last night we managed to play the first game, in the Rad Wastes. He was attacking, and if he won, he would claim an campaign point. I was just there to stop him. We did a scenario, no idea what, but basically the three buildings in these Rad Wastes were valuable (very good cover from the radiation storms I recon). They accrued VP's each turn, so they were quite valuable.

We decided for the first few games to make it only 1000pts, as he was just beginning his force. Here are my 1000pts.

Praetor Lachdannan
Iron Halo
Digi Lasers
Solarite Power gauntlet

Tactical Squad 1
Power Fist

Tactical Squad 2
Power sword

Land Speeder Squadron
Heavy Flamer, Multimelta

Land Raider Proteus

Alpha Legion (from memory)
Armillus Dynat

5 Alpha Legion Headhunters
Drop Pod

5 Cataphractii Terminators

Tactical Squad Gamma
Drop Pod

Tactical Squad Sigma
Drop Pod

Deployment. All my forces embarked or in reserve. This zone was rather brutal, as if you are in the open and don't have an invulnerable save, then if you fail a toughness test at the beginning (or end, forget which), of your turn, you take D3 wounds on the unit, no Armour Saves. Oh there is also Rad storms blowing about as well, which can hit you with a pie place of AP3. Transports seemed like the order of the day for this zone!
Sneaky Alpha legion. Nowhere  in sight.
Turn 1 they crash down on two objectives.

My turn, I move my flanking Rhino's forward, and the land Raider takes some pot shots at the traitors.
Alpha Legion 2nd Turn, the rest of their forces drop down in middle, and the tactical Squad makes a long range charge to my Land Raider, and destroys the right Lascannon.
Imperial Fists Turn 2.
Praetor Lachdannan gets out, ready to do some damage, where the Rhino's double back and disembark Squad 2, to fire at the Headhunters. The Land speeders scatter 11, and miss with their shots. All said though, the weight of fire took out the Headhunters, leaving the character Armillus Dynat, on his own.
Alpha Legion 3rd turn, the Terminators come in to back Dynat up. The Tacticals on the right, unleash Fury of the Legion, and score 2 wounds against Praetor Lachdannan.
Imperial Fists 3rd Turn, everyone disembarks and lines up their shots on Dynatt and the Terminators. At the end of it they all fall. Dynat himself gets vaped with 2 Multimelta shots.
Praetor Lachdannan charges in...
...and wipes them out.
Alpha Legion Turn 4 sees them take some pot shots to no effect. They still have an impressive lead in victory points, due to the consistent camping on objectives. Imperial Fists turn 4 sees some Drop pods dead, and Tactical Squad 2, running for the other objective.
Last turn of the game sees little to no action, with tactical squad 2 still running for the objective.

Alpha Legion: 6
Imperial Fists: 4

End game sees that despite the horrific casualties they suffered, the Alpha legion won the day with their objectives. Although I did get slay the warlord and another bonus for killing more units (which did give me a bonus of 2D3) I rolled a 1 on each of them. However we did roll for things post game, and it seems Dynat died due to his injuries. A harsh roll for the first game! Still, at least I did achieve something.

It was a fun game though. My next objective is to get some stuff painted for the next campaign game (Zone Mortalis with Space Hulk tiles), and actually start painting some terrain as it is starting to annoy me.

Thanks for looking.


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