Monday, 23 March 2015

Green vs Green: Freebooterz vs Salamanders 40k Battlereport

Been a little while but I do have something to show for the idleness. I recently had a game against my friend wth my ill fated Freebooter Orks. I've posted up a couple of games I have had with them against him, one against his Dark Angels and the other against his Tyranids. Needless to say after my firs two thrashings against my Orks, I was very much looking forward to the same here. For whatever reason I just can't get my mojo back with the Orks.

I figured for this game, to hell with it, and I'll just take a swarm of stuff and as much fully painted models as I have, just for kicks. I was prepared to roll some dice and have a bit of fun pushing a lot of models around. This game was also exciting as we got to use the mission cards (whatever they are called), so the mission objectives change and flow throughout the battle. Should be good!

So here is my band of scallywags.

Kaptin Oddgrum Ded'ey
Power Klaw
Boss pole
Lucky Stick
Twin-linked Shoota
'eavy Armour

Big Mek 'Smee'
Kustom Force Field


6 Nobz
'Eavy Armour
2 Power Klaws
2 Combi-shootas

20 Shoota Boyz
2 Big Shootaz
Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole

13 Shoota Boyz
1 Big Shoota
Nob, Bosspole

20 Slugga Boyz
Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole

3 Zzap Guns

My friends forces (from memory)
Imperial Space Marines, Salamanders Chapter

Vulcan Hestan

8 Assault Marines
2 Flamers
Drop Pod

5 Tactical Marines

5 Tactical Marines

5 Legion of the Damned
Sgt, Power Sword

5 Legion of the Damned
Sgt, Power Maul

5 Legion of the Damned
Sgt, Power Sword

So the scene is set. Will my Orks Finally achieve something other than annihilation on the field? We shall see. We kick off by drawing the mission cards. Mine as I expect are rubbish, my friend gets some decent ones to start. I get the first turn, my friend fails to steal the initiative, and this time I take the first turn.

 The Freebooterz ready to loot!
 Salamanders. Only 10 models on the board. Hmmm...
 Freebooter Turn 1
 All my units surge forward. Da Kaptin and his Nobz move to seize the objective there, as that was the only card I drew where I could get any points.
 Salamander Turn 1
 The drop pod with Vulcan and the Assualt Marines come down. The Tactical Marines make a run for the objective, while the ones at the back just consolidate on there objective. I believe he got all 3 of these objectives on his cards, so a very good start for him.

 Freebooter Turn 2
 My Slugga boyz, with the Big Mek Smee and Painboy in tow, just make the assault range with the tactical Marines. They were wiped out in the ensuring combat, with my ladz consolidating closer to the Marines in his deployment zone.
 On the other side, my Shoota boyz move up and upon up excitedly on the assault marines and Vulcan, killing a few and injuring Vulcan.
 Salamander Turn 2
One of the Legion of the Damned squads turn up right near my Zzap Guns. They open up with melta and slay three of my Nobz.

 Vulcan and his assault marines, peek around the corner and attempt to charge, but don't have the momentum.

Freebooter Turn 3
 Da Kaptin, turns around and charges the Damned, killing all but the Sgt.
 The rest of the boyz open up on Hestan's unit, wiping them out, except for a lone assualt marine, and a severely wounded Hestan.

Salamander Turn 3
 The last 2 units of the Legion of the Damned show up to lend a hand to Vulcan. They all open up into my smaller unit of Shoota boyz on the objective. They get whittled good, but pass their moral.
Hestan ad the lone marine charge my big unit of Shoota boyz. The overwatch does nothing, but the weight of numbers and the powerclaw end Hestan and the marine. The unit then consolidates towards the Legion of the Damned.

Freebooter Turn 4
The Slugga boyz finally get into comabt with the last few Tactical Marines at the end of the field. It doesn't last long.
Both units of Shoota boyz plus the Zzap guns open up on the Legion of the Damned to negligible effect.

Salamander Turn 4
Both Damned units finish off the remnants of the Shoota boy mob, and then move towards my bigger Shoota boyz mob. Then assault in as well. I win combat but he is fearless.

Freebooter Turn 5
I consolidate towards different objectives for some last minute points. My Shoota boyz move towards and fire upon the last enemy unit of the field.

Salamander Turn 5
The last Damned models move and let rip into the Orks, to no lasting affect.

Freebooter Turn 6
It was fortunate that I got another turn, as if it had ended there, it would have been 8 to 7. The last of the Shoota Boyz fire and assault in, finishing off the last model.

Game. Final Score:

Freebooterz: 8
Salamanders: 7

A very close game points wise. Although it is nice to have finally had a victory of sorts with the Orks, I can't help but feel it was pretty much up to list design for this game. All I did was simply overwhelm the enemy as much as possible and roll as much dice as I could. Still, it was nice to not be tabled for once.

In celebration I have found some Freebooterz making there way onto my painting table, so will hopefully have an update soon, as well as show what I have thus far.

Thanks for looking.


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