Monday, 23 March 2015


I've been threatening for a while to post what I have done for my Freebooterz, especially as they have featured in a few games, but with no decent close ups. So I thought I would rectify that here.

I have been collecting Orks on and off for ages. I first started them out as Blood Axes, as I like the camo and all that. However I would have loved to do Freebooterz, except I was no that keen on making them all piratey with greenstuff. The I discovered Maxmini. I discovered they did a range of Pirate Nob heads, normal Pirate Boyz heads and even Pirate Grot heads. That to me was problem solved, so then I started my boyz in earnest. I got as far as doing my main unit before my Imperial Fists and Fantasy took time away from these boyz. I'm hoping I can get a few more painted this time round, mainly so I can feel better playing with a painted force.

 First up is Kaptin Oddgrum Ded'ey, based completely off the Badruk model. I did add a beard squig though and a glowing eye.

 I also gave him a pet attack squig. I remember them being a lot more effective in the last Ork book though.
 The start of my pirate Nobz unit. I gave careful attention to put eye patches on all the ork glyphs with carefully cut plasticard.

 The whole mob, ready for action.
Big Mek 'Smee'. Always ready to provide a helping hand and 5+ invunerable save.

So that is the entire Freebooter force I have for now. I'm in the midst of painting up the Zzap guns, as I was sick of seeing them in a  multi-coloured paint scheme. Will post them hopefully soon.

Thanks for looking.


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