Saturday, 5 April 2014

Blood in the Badlands Summer Campaign wrap up

It certainly has been awhile since my last post. Unfortunatly ye olde Nurgle visited the house several times and we are still trying to keep him at bay. Nevertheless we have completed the Summer season for our Blood in the Badlands Campaign and I thought I would replay those details here.

 This shot is of the second campaign turn. It turns out, despite losing every game in the first season, the Dwarfs and the Empire have equal size empires which are bigger than the Orc's and Goblins and the Lizardmen.
 The advantage of starting far away and claiming back tiles as clearly been felt, as the Dwarfs and the Empire continue to claim tiles away from opposition. This round saw the Dwarfs fight the Lizardmen and the Empire fight the Night Goblins. The Empire game I was told was short, due to multiple Purple Sun's plowing through the Orc ranks. This ended in a victory to the Empire. The Dwarf game was about even till the last dice roll of the game shifted about 400 odd points to the Lizardmen! Victory to them! Though they couldn't wipe out my army banner and only pushed it back.
 Campaign turn 3.The Orc's and Goblin's try and claim a Dwarf tile by sending in 2 banners into the dwarf realm.
 My other Dwarf army continues to besiege the Lizardmen in their own lands.
 The Lizardmen and the Empire come head to head again in Lizardmen lands.

 The battles complete. Victory goes to the Dwarfs over the Orc's and Goblin's and the Empire defeats the Lizardmen. Both enemy armies are wiped out. But as this is season end, it isn't too bad.

So the final tally is:
Grimwald the Surly's Dwarf Empire - 13
Empire - 13
Lizardmen - 11
Orc's and Goblin's - 11

Next campaign turn my very well see all the Empire's go for everyone as now all tiles have been claimed by one or another. Who will rise supreme?

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