Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Fuergil Firebeard - Lord Of Legend

Finished off a character for the Badlands campaign. His name is Fuergil Firebeard. I'm still thinking of his background, but I think either way it will involve flames and something extra spicy.

Anyways, here he is and I’m glad I finally managed to paint this Lord of Legend.

 Still thinking of what to paint next, but either way it will be Dwarf related. Thanks for looking. Cheers.


  1. Looking good, Liam! I like the blood on the blade, really well done. Can't wait to see what else you'll post next :)

    1. Cheers Luke! Given that my friends and I just started a campaign, its definately going to be Dwarf related. I'm thinking its either going to be my Marauder Seige cannon or perhaps some Longbeards so I can try out some Rangers.

      Thanks for stopping by :)