Sunday, 17 November 2013

Battleboard 4 complete!

Just a quick update here, with a photo of the 4th Battlebaord for our group. This is the halfway mark. Very pleased that this is done, so now means that we will have one gaming table fully painted for the next gaming night. Also my youngest son Max helped paint this, so it was a nice bonding moment that wasn't at all spoiled by him painting the table as well ;)

Hope you like!


  1. Simple but effective. Looking forward to seeing the whole board finished and put together.

    1. Thanks! So am I. When doing these boards I have my boys running around at the same time either trying to grab paints, trying to touch spiders or throwing rocks at each other, so I do have a strict time limit when painting it.

      Plus its great that the boys can have a go at it as well. Least I;ve done half so far, I will be really chuffed when all 8 are done!

      Cheers for looking!