Monday, 2 May 2016

MK III Breacher squad

Ages ago I made up a boarding marine squad, all with close combat weapons and a few power weapons in there. As a basis, I think I used the 5th ed Space marine codex to put them together, along with their loadout. This was way before 30k and the Forge World books.

So with me playing lots of 30k, I can't use them really at all. Plus I really wanted to use the Imperial Fists rite of war, Stone Gauntlet, so I needed Breachers as troops to use it. So I pulled the weapons off, found some bolters and old melta guns and here is the result, another troop choice!

I attempted a little bit of heat at the ends of these barrels, just with a blue and sepia wash. Think it looks okay. I figure these are unique enough to use either as melta guns, flamers or grav guns, so I have a bit of variety!

Next I am working on some Templar Brethren, and I realise today, that I don't really have that many Imperial Fists left to paint in my collection, which is rather exciting! I think when I have finished the Templars, I will get it all out and have a new updated army picture, as it has been a very long time since I have done that.

Thanks for looking.



  1. This is some solid stuff. I've always liked regular MkIII with the separate tower shields better than the all-inclusive breacher squads. The only thing that's kept me from picking them up is the steep price of 2x5 MkIII's and 2x5 boarding shields..

    Awesome paint job, yellow and weathering is superbly done.

    1. Cheers! Thanks for the kind words. I knew that when I originally did this squad, it had to be MkIII, just makes sense. Cost is always going to be an issue in this hobby, but I feel if it looks good, and I'll be using them for a long time, its worth the investment.

      The weathering I hope wasn't too over the top, just wanted to reflect the harsh fighting that boarding actions are like.

      Thanks for the comment, and for stopping by!