Thursday, 3 March 2016

Hobby update - Imperial Fists

I am ardently trying to be more prolific in the posting this year, not that that really matters. Still I thought I'd throw up a hobby update.

As some may be aware, I have started a new campaign with my friend against his Alpha Legion. So that has meant that I have a bit of a hobby drive to get things painted, which is what I find I need. When I paint, I need an end objective, and usually its for a game in the future, usually.

So I dug around my box of bits, as I wanted to have another tactical squad in the future, and lo and behold, I still had a lot of my old Blood Angels marines. I really thought I sold them all, but was very pleased when I found them. This meant that I could now field a squad entirely in MK 6 armour, my favourite mark.

So I painted up a few! Here are the first lot.

 First three MK 6 marines.
 These two are on the painting table now, hoping that if my progeny are not too sick tonight, I will get a chance to get some yellow on them.
The rest of the squad, with the extra bits added on to turn them from my old Blood Angels, to my new Imperial Fists Tactical Squad III. In the centre is the Sgt, aptly named El Fisto. I think only one of my friend knows the story, but this one model was responsible for the most jammy luck and kill streak I have ever seen in a game from a 1 wound model, so I was delighted beyond words when I discovered I hadn't sold him.

Here is the tale of El Fisto. In one game, he and his squad were escorting a Librarian, and attacking some Orks. They made it to some ruins, and saw a Battlewagon, with a Warboss in 'Eavy armour, along with 20 Skarboyz pile out and rush his squad. They went to the top of the ruins, and proceeded over the course of the game to slowly wipe out the Skayboyz, culminating with El Fisto killing the warboss.


El Fisto gets out of the ruins (with only 1 squad mate left), and proceeds to attack and destroy the Battlewagon. It was insane as most of the kills from the squad, were in fact, El Fisto's.

Lets see what else I can add to his saga!

Thanks for looking!



  1. El Fisto! I shall have my REVENGE!

    Sure he could take down the Warboss, and his squad and his battlewagon, but now I have 4 stompas, 2-300 boys, 4 battlewagons a veritable squad of Warbosses!

    Good times :)

    1. Lol, yeah! Twas a memorable match. Sounds like we need a rematch!