Saturday, 14 November 2015

Void War - A 30k Battle

I have here a game I played with my friend Cail, which took place a month ago. I believe it was a 1600pt game. I took my trusty Imperial Fists, whereas I was up against Salamanders (Alpha Legion) spies.

I am sure we played a mission, But I was just there to roll some dice and have a drink.
Salamander deployment.
Imperial Fists deployment.
Ready to advance down the line. For this game we played Zone Mortalis rules.

Salamanders first turn.
A few marines from a Tactical squad go down due to the krak missiles.
In return, a melta biker went down.
My turn two, my forces advance, with my assult dreadnought going for the Av14 Salamander dread.

The rest of my tactical squad was wiped out. Those krak missiles (8 of them) do some damage!
Polux moves up with his Phalanx Warders.
I get a couple of wounds on the monster dreadnought, but it is not enough to fell the colossal machine!
My other dread gets in twin-linked lascannon shot off. Well, guess I know what he'll do now.
Polux and the damaged dread go in to hopefully take the enemy dreadnought down. Combat didn't go great. Took two turns to kill it, but by then, a lot of marines came in for support.

Polux and Phalanx Warder last stand!

Unsurprising, from the vast amount of shots, and then finished off in close combat. Brutal!
My veterans take some payback in their final turn.

So in the end, it is victory to the Salamanders. I killed very little, and he got loads of mine, so it wasn't close, even though I cannot remember the end scores. Probably a good thing!

A fun and enjoyable game.

Thanks for looking.


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