Monday, 16 February 2015

Sigismund's ride part III Complete!

Finally put the finishing touches on the Spartan. Its been a monster of a tank to paint, though it was great fun to do. Even did very well in the game I had recently with it.

Here are the pics of the final piece. I kept with the Templar motif as that's Sigismund's personal badge. I also added spots of white on the tank to denote its use by the 1st Captain and his company. Hope you like!

I named it after Lord Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar, the HMS Victory, following on from the theme of naming my old Rogue Trader Land Raiders after famous British ships of the line. 

I am still working on some Fists for the next stage of the mini-campaign, and will hopefully post them up sometime this week. 

Thanks for looking.



  1. Absolutely beautiful!! I love the weathring and the general effect. Great, great job!!

    1. Thanks very much! Very pleased with how it turned out!