Thursday, 8 October 2020

Faith and Fury! Part 5

Finished a unit of Repentia. These were nice and quick to paint, especially with the contrast paints. Unfortunately the primer I used really messed up the detail on the models, so I did the best I could do.

Still they are done, ready for the next game.

Not sure what it next, probably more repentia, though I have no more white spray so there won't be any more painting till I get some. Thankfully someone is willing to give me a can on the Friday night games, so hopefully I can get a little more done before I go back to work and progress essentially halts.

Anyways, thanks for looking.

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Faith and Fury! Part 4

 Finished off some characters as a reward for the troops I completed. Another canoness and an Imagifier.

Great fun to paint these characters. Plus they have done alright in my games, so deserve some paint.
This was a great model, though shame in was in 'resin'. Otherwise was good fun. Decided to do something a little different with the hair with this one. Just cos.
Also gave her a yellow pistol case, as a slight homage to my old Ragnar Blackmane model from 2nd edition that had a yellow pistol as well.
No name for the Imagifier yet, will have to see. Though at some stage I do need to name a badass character Ripley.

Unfortunately, I have no more Battle Sisters to paint, as they are still sold out. So I am now onto my Repentia. Hopefully they don't take too long to do, as I want at least one unit done before the Crusade games on Friday.

Anyways, thanks for looking.

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Faith and Fury! Part 3

 As promised, I finished my next unit of troops for the Sororitas. 

Here they are!

Same configuration as the last unit, two storm bolters. This time I used more of the weathering powders on the unit and cloth. I think it makes them fit into the environment better.

Now onto some characters for a little break from rank and file. Hoping to get them done in the next couple of days. Will post it up when done.

Thanks for looking.

Thursday, 1 October 2020

Faith and Fury! Part 2

I actually painted these awhile ago, but have only found the time to upload them now. I have been playing quite a few game with the sisters in 9th, mainly with the Bloody Rose Order, but regardless, troops are always necessary.

This unit is made up of a few limited edition models, and originally was going to use them as canoness, however, they are great models and would get more game time with being standard sisters. So here they are. 

Unit of 5 Sisters with two storm bolters.

 I think they look the business, though there are things that could be better. I am currently on holidays, so I'm hoping to get the next unit of Battle Sisters done.

Anyways, thanks for looking.

Sunday, 16 August 2020

Faith and Fury! Part 1

 It has certainly been quite a break since my last brush stroke, but I have a new focus now since the new edition has been released. With a new edition, comes a new army with a different playstyle to my existing Eldar and Imperial Fists! The Adepta Sororitas!

I wanted a different playstyle like I have mentioned, and also a nice model range, which the Adepta Sorotitas does very well with. I did a bit of research, and unlike my other armies, I am actually going for a custom Order this time, rather than use an existing one. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, I wanted to have the option to switch and play different Order's, as I quite like the flexibility in the Adepta Sororitas Codex. Secondly, I also wanted to paint a different paint scheme rather than the official one. I really don't go for custom armies and paint jobs, usually only sticking with the 'official' paint schemes, so I am interested in how this is going to go! I also think it will be fun when playing through some Crusade games and the narrative that will evolve out of that, of which I am very much looking forward to. I think the next games night in two weeks will be our first, so very pumped!

 So having picked and read up on the army, and seen quite a lot of battle reports, I played my first game with them just this past Friday. I wanted to play an aggressive army with a number of assault elements, something I have not done since my Blood Angels army in 4th Edition! We only played a combat patrol as my friend was just getting back into it and it seemed like a good points value for learning. Unfortunately, my luck was a little obnoxious and the game didn't last very long. That said, Lady of the match was definitely the Canoness, having killed 5 Death Company on the first turn single handed. My friend game her the moniker 'Black Death', which seemed quite apt. So I decided to paint her up, for her heroic performance. 

Here is the result. Canoness Selina 'The Black Death' Agna.

The armour was just Corax White spray paint, then two thin coats of 1:1 Contrast Apothecary White and Contrast medium. Then White scar on the highlights.

The red was using Contrast Flesh Tearer, Mephiston, Wild Rider and some orange I think. Plus Agrax as always. The purple was my ancient pot of purple, with pinks added for highlights and the Fleur de Lys. I actually used a new base colour for the gold, Retributor Gold, which went on very easy and I quite like. Washed the gold with Agrax again.

The sword was a little different, done with Iyanden Yellow and wet mixing Flesh Tearer Red to get the transition. The tip was Yriel and Flash Git Yellow, with white added to it in stages to get the tip.

The base was undercoated white, with Contrast Aggaro Dunes, and a Agrax wash after. Stones were painted Administratum Grey, with a Nuln Wash and reapply Administarum Grey and Grey Seer Grey for a highlight.

So quite pleased with the result, except for the freehand, but it has been ages since I have done that kind of thing, so hopefully I will improve over time. 

Might work on Repentia next. 

Thanks for looking.


Sunday, 26 April 2020

Tor Garadon

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. I painted my first Primaris Marine. It just so happens to be a character, though I usually enjoy painting characters first. I'm planning to try him out in my next narrative game with my friends, when we are permitted to meet each other again. Still, good to finish another model for the Imperial Fists.

Didn't do my usually heraldry on the little shield, like I usually do, however, I did make use of his knee pads and did my usual writing on the armour.
Here you can see the usual battle damage. Sponged some very dark brown, filled in some bits with black, them went over it in a shiny armour. If I was really keen (which I wasn't), then I'd do a very light yellow highlight above the damage to make it more 3D.
Ready to punch some enemies of the Emperor.

Thanks for looking, cheers!

Monday, 20 April 2020

My battlefield rocks...

I have tried to be a little more productive and proactive on the blog. There is a few goals I have set myself over this school holiday, one of which was to finish some terrain I have been working on.
I drew my inspiration from my hobby origins in the old 2nd Edition of 40k. So perhaps if you are of that particular vintage, some of these might look familiar to you. 

I also got a lot of ideas from this old, citadel book on How to Make Wargames Terrain. It has a lot of the old terrain and ideas from way back when.

So without further ado...
 I made these out of a surplus of polystyrene that came in packing boxes for furniture, which I couldn't get rid off fast enough. So i decided to make some of the old rock pillars. I carved them with a sharp Stanley knife, stuck them on round drink coasters, and glued them together with PVA. When dry, I then went over them it plaster to seal it a bit, then went at them with some cheap bulk paints. Finally, a bit of green flock, and all done.

Next, I finished my old project which I actually started nearly 20 years ago with my dad. I remember one day after a local 2nd edition tournament, he said we should make some terrain for my games with friends. So I picked what I think, is the most iconic 2nd edition terrain I can think of, the old fortress. So we made plans, had a rough idea of scale, comparing it models from pictures and then made the core structure out of wood. And that is where it stayed for many years. Finally though, I got some impetus to finally get this old model finished, and here it is in all its glory.

 The rocks I made out of Woodland Scenic molds and plaster, which I think work well.

 The decking is from plasticard and the back of the fortress is made from the new Necromunda doors and some old Baneblade armour I had in my bits box.

Finally with some old 2nd edition models for scale.

I am quite happy with it and have been using these new terrain pieces with games with my boys. Feels good to get the fortress in particular, finally done.

Anyways, thanks for looking.

Stay safe.

Monday, 13 April 2020

A few 40k npc's

Finished off a few new models, that will be some npc's in some custom games I am running for my friends.

 Valerian, Alaya and the Rogue Trader extraordinaire, Janus Darke. I attempted to give them all the same type of base, which came with the Black Library models. I used some instamold to make copies of the bases, in case I needed them later. Not 100% happy with the marble base, but will leave it for now.
 I did try to make the blade extra interesting.

 Rogue Trader Janus Darke. So far we have played 1 game with this intrepid adventurer, which was just an intercept game, as apparently he has come across some forbidden knowledge...

Still, was fun painting something different. Even better to get it painted in a relative short amount of time, unlike a lot of other models I can think of.

Still, thanks for looking. Stay safe.

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Death by indirect fire

Finally finished a project that has been on my table for nearly two years. That is a long time to look at something and paint something else.

Still, am glad I got it done.

Plus it's the first Imperial Fist I have painted in a long time.

Good to finally clear it off the table! Next is something a little different.

Thanks for looking, cheers!

Sunday, 29 March 2020

From out of the webway...

Well it has been awhile, but i haven't been idle.

Over the Christmas holidays I managed to put a significant dent in my burgeoning Eldar (or Aeldari) force. All the bases are from Scribor, as they have been bases I have wanted to use for a force for ages.

Here is what I have painted since the last post.

 This is the Autrach Bal-Sagoth, leader of my Swordwind. Most games he has acquitted himself well, though has yet to do something outstanding.

 This is the Farseer of my forces. He was made from a conversion of Eldrad Ulthran. At this stage he has no name, as his main feat in games I have had so far has had him reliably fail to cast any powers consistently.

 Another Farseer. Got this one already painted, just had to patch him up. Got him in an effort to try and actually be able to cast some powers.

 Also got these Warlocks painted, and just touched them up. Again, got them in order to be able to actually cast powers.
 Jain Zar. Awesome model, though has been at times lackluster in games. That said, sometimes she is a beast and does kill units, though she pretty much always dies.
 The new banshees. Regrettably, there performance is much less than Jain Zar's performance. Still, great models.
 Dark Reapers. Nuff said, very solid unit in every game. They are the unit my friend hates the most.
 Some old Dire Avengers. Painted them with different crests so it is easy for me to know who belongs to which unit. The crests here are Where's Walley colours, as there was a special event at the local zoo that I took my boys to, where it was Where's Walley themed.
 Painted these ones in Christmas colours, as I finished them on Christmas Day. Sword was painted rainbow colours, as that was what was requested by my boys.
Lastly, these ones were just painted with a more traditional crest.

I also have two Fire Prisms, a Falcon and a Viper left to paint, but all the infantry are done.

I have played many a game with them since then, which has been good. 

I have also been working on some terrain and a narrative campaign for my friends to play in, revolving around a Rogue Trader and the secrets he has uncovered. Hopefully it won't be as long till my next post, but no promises.

Thanks for looking, cheers!